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PhD Thesis

  • Johan Habert. Prévisions des crues en temps réel sur le bassin de la Marne: assimilation in-situ pour la correction du modèle hydraulique mono-dimensionnel Mascaret. INP, à venir Dec. 2015- Jan. 2016.
  • Sébastien Barthélémy. Assimilation de données ensembliste et couplage de modèles hydrauliques 1D-2D pour la prévision des
    crues en temps réel. Application au réseau hydraulique “Adour maritime”. INP, Mai 2015.
    ournal Articles

Journal Articles

  • Johan Habert, Sophie Ricci, Olivier Thual, Etienne Le Pape, Andrea Piacentini, Nicole Goutal, Mélanie Rochoux, Reduction of the uncertainties in the water level-discharge relation of a 1D hydraulic model in the context of operational flood forecasting. Submitted to JoH.
  • Vincent Häflinger, Eric Martin, Aaron Boone, Florence Habets, Cédric H. David, Pierre-A. Garambois, Hélène Roux, Sophie Ricci, Lucie Berthon, Anthony Thévenin, and Sylvain Biancamaria, 2015: Evaluation of Regional-Scale River Depth Simulations Using Various Routing Schemes within a Hydrometeorological Modeling Framework for the Preparation of the SWOT Mission. J. Hydrometeor, 16, 1821–1842. doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1175/JHM-D-14-0107.1
  • S. Barthélémy, S. Ricci, A. Piacentini, O. Thual, O. Panneckouke, P.-O. Malaterre: Emulation of a Kalman filter algorithm on a flood wave propagation model. Journal of Hydrology. In review.

Conferences Proceedings

  • J. Habert, S. Ricci, E. Le Pape, A. Piancentini, O. Thual, G. Joinville, N. Goutal, F. Zaoui, R. Ata : Towards Real-Time Flood Forecasting in Hydraulics: Merits of in Situ Discharge and Water Level Data Assimilation for the Modeling of the Marne Catchment in France. Advances in Hydroinformatics – SIMHYDRO 2012 – New Frontiers of Simulation
    Séries : Springer Hydrogeology – Goubersville Philippe, Cunge Jean, Caignaert Guy (Eds.) 2014, X, 405p. 324, 2014.
  • Ricci, S., Piacentini, A., Weaver, A., Ata, R., Goutal, N., (paper, oral), Variational data assimilation with telemac. Proof of concept for model state correction on the berre lagoon 3d-model, 11th International Conference on Hydroinformatics, HIC 2014, New York City, USA
  • K. Andreadis, S. Biancamaria, S. Ricci : Preparing for the assimilation of continental water surface elevation imagery from upcoming satellite mission. Hydrologic Data Assimilation for the SWOT mission meeting; Toulouse, France, 12-13 November 2013, Paper 2014ES004574R, EOS, American Geophysical Union, 2013.



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